Our Story


Tulola, is a modern, luxury jewelry brand that partners with artisans to incorporate exquisitely handcrafted details into our collections.

Tulola was started in 2007 by designer Sri Luce Rusna. Following in the footsteps of her mother, Suarti, she was deeply inspired by her mother’s passion for the preservation of Indonesian traditional craftsmanship. Sri opened the Tulola Studio in her garage, with a small and passionate team of jewelers working on one of a kind art wear pieces focused on elevating traditional craftsmanship techniques into new levels. Sri’s work caught the attention of Happy Salma, a member of the Ubud Royal family as well one of Indonesia’s foremost actresses and film directors, whose shared common passion for Indonesian culture and the preservation of ancient artisan skills, lead to a both a creative and business partnership, with a shared vision of evolving the artisan silver and gold craft.

Since 2007, Tulola has created a cult following of both customers and fans that share a common passion for artisan crafted and authentic jewelry. With over 40K on Instagram and 80k on Facebook, Tulola is worn by both local and international celebrities, including Tyra Banks, Courtney Love, Kelly Rowland to name a few.

Today, we at Tulola are motivated and empowered by the promise of preserving ancient artisan techniques and passing down skills to the next generation of master craftsmen. Drawing inspiration from the Indonesian Archipelago we explore our artisan heritage by discovering the motifs and designs from our past, and restoring them modern and fresh collections.

“It is about the craftsmanship, the time, the detail, the continuous study of the perfection of an ancient craft”

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