Tulola Founder

Born in New York City, Sri Luce Rusna, spent her early years living between the bustling streets of Manhattan and the quiet rice-paddies of Bali, Ubud. From a young age, Sri was deeply inspired by the work of her mother, designer Suarti Luce, who at the time was designing and crafting collections for QVC USA and UK. Working in the family business, Sri learnt the tools of the trade with a special focus on Quality Control and Production Management of hand-crafted jewelry. In 2007, Sri began her own creative journey and opened the Tulola Jewelers Studio. Sri has won several awards for her designs and continues to find endless inspiration from the culture and heritage of Indonesia.

Sri Luce Rusna

Happy Salma is one of Indonesia's Leading Ladies and is an award winning actress, writer and director. Happy is well known for her commitment and support of Indonesian Literature and Heritage. In 2010, Happy married husband, Tjok Gus, a member of the Ubud Royal family, during which time Happy received her Royal title and moved to the Ubud Palace. Happy now works from Bali with her family, dedicating her time to supporting and invigorating local heritage and culture.

Happy Salma